New Year, New You?!

DSCN4864It’s that time of year when many people start think about their life and evaluate what is working- what isn’t working- and resolve to make changes.

There is something very exciting about starting a new year with a new plan. Whether it’s to be more healthy, try something new, sleep more, exercise more, spend more time with family… whatever your resolution is- now is the time to look for things that can bring your life more happiness.

Unfortunately, many people over estimate the changes they can make and immediately set themselves up for failure. Once that happens, goals go out the window as it’s easy to slip back into old habits. Don’t be discouraged- stay positive and don’t let a minor mistake ruin your whole plan. Take one day at a time- and start slow. One of my favorite sayings is ‘how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!’.

To make any changes in your life you must realize that it will take time- it will be incremental- and it will be frustrating. Don’t give up! If you stick to it, over time old habits will be gone and new habits will have formed.

Personally, my goals are to simplify my life and find joy in small things. I also want to be healthier- eating better and exercising with more frequency. These are easy to accomplish goals- especially since all of them should bring me more happiness- and as a result, I’ll want to continue on this new path.

Wish me luck!

It’s Been a While

I apologize for not writing sooner, and admit it’s been a while.

Have you ever felt that way? Had great intentions and then life gets so busy that things seem to slip through the cracks?

Welcome to my world!

I had originally planned to write on this blog weekly, but life sort of gets in the way.

Now that I have a minute to sit and write- I can reflect on what it is that has kept me so busy. Through my reflections, I realize that parenting my two kiddos is what takes up most of my time. My children are my primary focus and since they are on summer vacation- it is up to me to fill their days. I could take the easy way out and park them in front of the TV (or X Box) or computer all day while I work… but that is not the kind of parent I want to be. What sort of summer memories would that create? What sort of people would they become?

So, instead I plan all kinds of fun activities for them- we spend our summer days filled with things like berry picking, bike riding, lemonade standing, swimming, hiking, playing at the park… while my co-workers spend their days in the office plugging away. It makes me feel so guilty that they are working so hard while I am out playing with my kids.

However, I am grateful that I am able to be home with my kids- and grateful that my kids want to be with me. I feel very fortunate that I am in the position to be able to stay home with them over the summer.

Next week they start school again- and I’ll be back in the office working. So to my colleagues- I thank you for your patience with me this summer, I truly appreciate all you have done to make it possible for me to stay home this summer and enjoy my time with my kids.

I’ll see you next week!

All You Need is Love

I was out to lunch with my children the other day- and as I sat and looked at them across the table my heart was literally filled with love.

Like bursting at the seams love.

I honestly didn’t know it was possible to love someone so wholly.

I looked at my kids and thought:

I love you more than anyone else in the world will ever love you-

I know you better than anyone else in the world will ever know you-

and I will always feel this way, no matter what.

It’s a pretty powerful love a mother has for a child. It’s also a reciprocal relationship. Despite my flaws, my children love me completely as well. In their eyes I am beautiful, smart, funny and kind.

I’m not sure why I’m writing about this love for my kids- except that in working with seniors and their families- we see this sort of love all the time. We see how even when children are adults and have families of their own- that love between a parent and child never fades.

We have a client who lives on Mercer Island. His daughter loves him so much- during our initial assessment, she ( a 50 year old woman) kept exclaiming ‘My dad deserves the best caregiver because he is the BEST dad in the whole world’. Her love for her father was bursting at the seams. She is so proud of him- and wanted to make sure we recognized what an incredible man he is.  Because of her unconditional love, she wanted the very best for him.

That is what separates Capability Homecare from the others.

We understand that love- and we take the time to get to know our clients. We treat them as if they are our parents- and we offer them the very BEST caregivers. Our standards are higher because we truly understand the importance of having the very best care for the one you love.  Nothing else will do.

If you have a family member who is in need of in home care, please call Capability Homecare today 425 679-5770.

Providing Transportation, A Weekly Outing

Every year on her birthday Emily could count on one thing- a card from her Grandma with a 5 dollar bill tucked inside. So when her birthday came and went last year with no card, the entire family knew something was wrong. Luckily, they found out it was something fairly simple. Grandma’s eyesight was failing and she could no longer drive herself to the store to purchase birthday cards for her 12 grandchildren.

Luckily, the family decided to use Capability Homecare to hire a caregiver to visit Grandma once a week and take her on a special outing, usually to the Hallmark Store!   Something as simple as an outing to the card shop can be a highlight in an elderly person’s life. Loneliness and depression are common among seniors, and a small weekly outing gives them something to look forward to.

Hiring someone to provide transportation for your loved one may seem like a frivolous expense, yet it can be a lifeline for seniors. Having the opportunity to get out of the house can be just what someone needs to ward off depression. So, if you are unable to provide transportation for your parents, consider hiring a caregiver to do it for you. They can take them to lunch, to church, to the movies, or even to the Hallmark store.  It may just be the best money you ever spent!

For a complete list of our services, please see our website.

Difficult Decisions as a Parent


My co-worker’s son is joining the navy next week. It is heartbreaking, yet she is extremely proud of him for wanting to serve his country. As much as she doesn’t want him to leave- she knows it is in his best interest. Although it’s tough, she must let him go.

Today I dropped my son off at camp and he cried and begged me to not make him stay. He wept in my arms, his face flushed with tears and his body physically shaking. I had to make one of the hardest parenting decisions I’ve made in a long time. I had to get into the car and drive away, leaving him behind. My heart aching with sorrow. Why he didn’t want to go to camp is beyond me- but I knew that it is in his best interest to go. It’s basketball camp for heavens sake- he loves basketball, he’s trying out for team in the fall and needs the practice, so what I was doing was out of love- but it still hurt.

As a parent we have to make tough choices, we have to look beyond what is in front of us and make a decision knowing what is best for our loved one. Many of us find we are now in the position of caring for our elderly parents as well as our own children. Sometimes this requires that we have to make tough choices. We have to use tough love.

It reminds me of when my mom brought my grandmother to her new home, a lovely memory care community that could assist with her Alzheimer’s. My grandmother wept, begged and pleaded my mom to not leave. My mom’s heart broke and she cried the entire way home, yet she knew she was doing the right thing.  We knew that my grandmother’s disease had progressed where she wasn’t safe at home any longer.* It was a difficult choice, yet for the best.

To me, being able to make those difficult decisions- based out of love- is what makes me a good parent. So whether your loved one is joining the navy, or needs more care than you are able to provide, or even if you are just dropping your child off at summer camp- if in your heart you know it’s for the best- be proud of yourself for being strong enough to do what’s right.

If you have been in a similar situation, please take a minute to share your experiences. Talking with friends and getting support is so helpful. We can all feel comfort in knowing that we are not alone.

*For reasons why we didn’t hire in-home care, see my blog titled ‘Why We Provide In-home Care’.