Hypertension- A Symptomless Condition

Many people are under the assumption that if you have High Blood Pressure you will show symptoms that will alert you to the disease. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Most people who suffer from Hypertension show no signs or symptoms at all- and it is only when there is an emergency that it becomes known. The scary thing is that even though there are no obvious symptoms- high blood pressure causes serious damage to your heart.

It is recommended that you check your blood pressure on a daily basis. Many of our clients have a home machine that our caregivers use. It is a good idea to track the readings in a notebook to keep an accurate record and to look for patterns.

Use the chart* below to see if your numbers fall in the range of concern.

Blood Pressure



mm Hg (upper #)


mm Hg (lower #)


less than 120


less than 80





High Blood Pressure

(Hypertension) Stage 1




High Blood Pressure

(Hypertension) Stage 2

160 or higher


100 or higher

Hypertensive Crisis

(Emergency care needed)

Higher than 180


Higher than 110

Over 76 million adults in the US have been diagnosed with Hypertension- so it is a disease that effects many people.  According to the American Heart Association, below are 7 factors that will increase your chances of having High Blood Pressure:

1. Family history

2. Advanced Age

3. Gender related risk patterns

4. Lack of exercise

5. Too much salt and poor diet

6. Overweight

7. Alcohol intake

If you have any concern about your blood pressure, consult your doctor. If you find you need assistance in your home with Activities of Daily living, call Capability Homecare today 425 679-5770.

*Chart from American Heart Association.