What’s Your “Thing”?

I was out with a friend last night that I hadn’t seen for years.  She asked me if I was still sewing (a few years ago I used to sew matching mother and daughter skirts), and I replied that I had given that up- and that now my ‘thing’ is tennis. I chatted briefly about how much I love to play and how much fun it has been to have a new hobby.

I then asked her what her ‘thing’ is, and she looked at my blankly for a minute- and then replied, “I don’t have a thing… I need a thing!”

Her remark got me to thinking… don’t we all need a ‘thing’?

By ‘thing” I mean something that we do for the simple pleasure of doing it! Personally, I think life is so much richer and more enjoyable when you play a sport, or have a hobby, or have something special that excites you.

Through the years my I’ve had lots of ‘things’! My interests have included sewing, scrapbooking, running, book club, golfing, sudoku, yoga and now playing tennis. As I grow older my interests and hobbies have changed- but I’ve always found it important to nourish my soul.

Sadly, I noticed that often times the elderly give up on their ‘thing’, either because it’s too difficult to do, or they lack the energy, resources or initiative to do it. This can turn into a serious problem, because without a ‘thing’ people can often become withdrawn and even depressed.

Capability Homecare can help with that! It is our passion to bring joy and happiness to seniors, and we would love to assist you in doing your ‘thing’. Whether it’s gardening, playing cards, a trip to a museum… whatever your interest- we are there to assist, initiate or simply accompany you.

When I meet with clients for the first time I always go over our list of service offerings. I’ve tended to skip over the parts that describe life enrichment and focused more on the ADLs- because that is usually why people need us. But as I thought about my own ‘thing’ I realize how essential those life enrichment activities are. They shouldn’t be overlooked- they should be embraced, because- isn’t quality of life the most important ‘thing’ after all?